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We started as a tiny little laminate shop in 1990 in a 2-car garage near Midway airport. Within the first 60 days, we were forced into becoming a real company and ventured out into our first authentic shop space in Oak Lawn. Since then, we have made 3 building space build-outs, expanding our floor space, increased our employee population, and finally landing in the space that we now have called home for the past 15 years at 5909 W. 115th street Alsip, Il., a spacious 10,000 sf facility which gives us ample space to handle just about any sized project that is thrown at us.

We have learned that changes within the market have to be met head on or the market will just simply change around you.

With that being said, we have grown from just that tiny little laminate shop, into a factor in the present stone market. We have the capabilities to handle the smallest of laminate, and acrylics, to the extremist in casework. Furthermore, our place has certainly been made within the stone market and we are very much known as one of the players.

We will continue to grow as the market allows, but keeping in mind that...

We don't want to be the biggest shop around, simply the BEST.

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